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Top Hair Growth Product Reviews

Today, there are innumerable products available on the market claiming to treat the problem of baldness. Some claim that it can be cured by solving the problem of Nutritional Deficiency. However, it is very difficult to choose the right product which actually works from so many options available. The reviews published on various websites have no authenticity and this makes the task of choosing the perfect product tougher.

Obviously, it is not possible to try all the products available on the market to select the best one. Apart from being expensive, this method is bad for health, time consuming and takes a lot of efforts.

You must keep in mind the following things while picking a product for treating baldness:

  • The product mustn’t only treat hair fall, it must also solve the problem of hair follicles. The hair on verge of falling must also be saved and made to grow.

  • The product should have ingredients for curbing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a chemical responsible for controlling hair thinness and hair fall. For this, it should contain the finest vitamins for blocking DHT. This will ultimately result in more powerful and ever growing hair.

  • Some vitamins and minerals are very important for improving hair and scalp growth. The product must have these vitamins and minerals. The scalp must be healthy and clean for uninterrupted hair growth.

  • Herb extracts are an essential part of these products for enhancing hair growth. These herbal extracts are natural and works wonders for hair growth. Some of the most excellent herbal extracts are Saw Palmetto, Nettle Leaf, and Pumpkin Seed.

  • The products must be medically backed by experts and have positive reviews on different websites. You should also research about the product by reading expert’s reviews and user’s testimonials.

  • The rating of the product must be high on various websites. For instance, Amazon, one of the most popular websites, categorizes different products and provides the customers to share their experience about the products. Obviously, you must choose the product which has the highest rating and positive user feedback on these websites.

Here, we have presented a list of the 5 best hair growth supplements. This list is based on customer testimonials, expert reviews and sales. We hope that this will be helpful for you to get the best possible hair supplement product.

Hair Remover Profollica Procerin Provillus Advecia Nisim
Editorial Rating #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Ingredient Quality 99/100 95/100 92/100 88/100 83/100
Overall Results 98/100 95/100 91/100 88/100 85/100
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Reputation Excellent Good Good


Support Excellent Good Good Average Average
Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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#1 Hair Growth - ProFollica

ProFollica is an advance male hair loss therapy that uses essential nutrients with herbal extracts to augment hair growth on a male scalp .The main mechanism involves the reduction of DHT production without any side effects. DHT (Dihydrocortisone) is a chemical that is present as a hormonal constituent in human body and if this chemical is released in excess quantity, it will contribute in shrinkage of hair follicles and excess hair loss from a man’s scalp. ProFollica helps in hair growth by controlling the DHT production, thus preventing the hair loss and additionally the nutrients in this hair loss supplement will help in the regrowth of new hair.

ProFollica treatment for hair loss is basically a three-step process. Initially the supplement controls the DHT production to prevent the hair loss, next the shampoo acts by opening pores for regrowth of hair strands while the activator gel enhances the hair loss control through a compound Trichogen, Trichogen is a DHT blocking agent which proves to be more than 90% effective in reducing hair loss. Over three quarters of ProFollica users have rated this supplement for appreciable normal to good hair growth.

ProFollica brings a fresh breeze for men specially who are between 18-35 years old. The attributes which makes ProFollica ,the most desirable product in hair loss treatment are its efficacy, affordable price, ease of use and last but not the least; its money back guarantee. This 60 day money back guarantee has made ProFollica the risk free product in hair loss treatment. ProFollica has benefitted its user directly as well as indirectly as regrowth of natural hair bring self-confidence in a man’s life.

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#2 Hair Growth - Procerin

Procerin claims to be a scientifically approved treatment for men’s hair loss. Procerin is loaded with all essential ingredients necessary to eradicate the root cause of hair loss while promoting healthy hair regrowth. Procerin is a scalp revitalizer. A healthy scalp can retain the existing hair for long as well as it provides the favorable ground for regrowth of new hair.

The natural herbs loaded with all essential vitamins and minerals for hair loss are proportionally formulated in this supplement .Procerin is dispensed as tablets which is taken twice a day followed by topical serum application on the scalp. 

It is an effective non-prescription combination supplement easily available online. Like other hair growth treatments, the main mechanism of Procerin is to block DHT (Dihydrocortisone). DHT is a chemical released in the body which halts the hair growth via shrinking the hair follicles and ultimately terminating them. The active ingredients in Procerin inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT and this prevention results in saving existing hair and preventing the future hair loss.

The high quality ingredients and effective mechanism to prevent hair loss has rated Procerin as a four starred product with over 95% satisfying consumers’ reviews. The exclusive unconditional 90-day money back guarantee is another feature that has made Procerin a risk free solution to fight hair loss. The product has proven effectiveness in both of their male- and female- specific formulations.

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#3 Hair Growth - Provillus

Provillus manufacturer uses the valid scientific principles to create unique range of herbal supplements that heal the hair loss problems. These products contain naturally grown herbs with all other essential nutrients especially formulated to support the hair growth and to prevent hair fall. The Provillus acts in three steps. In the beginning, it supplies essential nutrients and minerals like zinc, iron, and calcium to the hair follicles. This product exceptionally craft Keratin from a substance called biotin. Keratin is the essential protein from which hair strands are developed. In the next step hair follicles are protected against the deteriorating substance DHT.This DHT is responsible for the production of follicle damaging enzyme 

The hair growth process is then carried out through ingredients like minoxidil. Minoxidil is a proven FDA-approved topical ingredient for hair regrowth in both genders. The Provillus treatment is available as a topical spray which is applied twice daily on the specific scalp portion where hair growth is needed. The easy application and exclusive 90 day money back guarantee has made Provillus a product with more than 90% positive reviews.

The characteristic that has made Provillus a matchless offer for hair growth is that, Provillus is available for both genders in their required formulations. The complete treatment requires topical application with Provillus dietary supplement capsules. These capsules are prescribed as two capsules per day between meals. The generous money back guarantees with a longer span of 90 days also make Provillus the most picked product for baldness treatment.

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#4 Hair Growth - Advecia

Advecia is a dietary supplement that is specifically meant for hair growth. Green tea, saw palmetto and grape seeds are incorporated as natural hair growth agents in Advecia. But the real effect is produced by two amino acids L-arginine and L-lysine that promote new hair growth through enzymatic actions. The ingredients are all natural with no potential side effects.

Advecia is dispensed as tablets and the dosage is four tablets daily; two before breakfast and two before dinner. Good results are reported after continuous 30-60 days use with more than 88% positive ratings. Some digestive side effects are associated with Advecia dosage therefore the user has to adjust the dosage timings according to the stomach issues. Advecia effectively restores the health of Hair follicles and strands. It also revitalizes undeveloped follicles therefore it could be tried for better results.

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#5 Hair Growth - NisimBiofactors

Nisim International presents varied range of hair care products as Nisim Bio products that are specifically designed to prevent hair fall and to promote hair growth. Your hair is exposed to multiple factors that cause them to look dull and dry and eventually fall. For this you need protection, and Nisim Bio factors offer effective series of shampoos, conditioners and topical sprays to prevent severe hair loss.

Nisim bio factor products contain all natural ingredients that can control hair damaging agents like sweat and dirt. These hair care products are available in affordable price, the deep cleansing effect with scalp nourishment is all offered through these products and the contents smell fresh with no side effects. 

Though Nisim Biofactors are simple and practical solution for hair loss problems, they are not considered highly competitive like other top-rated hair fall treatments. The reason behind this might be the traditional formulation or less effective results as compared to other baldness treatment products. Nisim Bio factors shampoo offer hair loss solution for both men and women. The risk free 100% Money Back Guarantee has made this product a good option to try as the company promises positive results in 7 days of continuous use,

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