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All That You Should Know About Dark Circles Under Eyes

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There are number of myths about dark circles under eyes. People generally think that the dark circles appear if someone watches late night movies or had excessive drinks on the previous night. Late night working in front of your laptop is also considered to be one of the causes. As a matter of fact none of these reasons are true.

Now, if all the above is not true then what is the reason for dark circles under eyes?

The dark circles start developing from your capillaries and form a web like structure in the soft and delicate skin of your eyes. This may seem like a temporary discoloration of your skin under the eye, but it could be there forever unless you’ve addressed the issue. You’ll need to take proper care, as these dark circles not only look bad on your face, but it damages your blood cells in that area.

Dark circles under eyes can also be due to several reasons like lifestyle, improper diet, mental and physical stress and also due to lack of enough sleep. There are many things that you can do to deal with them easily.


• Vitamin E and Almond oil is very good remedy for discoloration under the eye. You could use any of these oils to massage the area under the eye. This will improve the circulation of blood.

• If you have a party to attend in the night and want to quickly fix the issue, then use makeup concealer to cover these dark circles. It certainly is not a permanent solution, but will help you in times of emergencies.

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• Sleeplessness is one of the main reasons why people have dark circles. It is recommended that you fix a proper routine and have a good sleep.

• Drinking loads of water can help you with the health problems. Always remember, there is no better solution than water, the best beverage ever.

• You could also apply raw potato and lime juice under your eye. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash the area with clean water. This is one of the oldest and the best home remedies for dark circles under eye.

• Your everyday diet plays an important role in dealing with this issue. Try and include as many green leafy vegetable as you can in your daily diet. You could also include food items that are rich in Vitamin E and A.

• Working out is also an ideal way to get rid of dark circles. It is best that you exercise everyday to improve your skin.

• You could also reduce the puffiness and cool your eyes by placing thin cucumber slices on your eyes. Besides, you can also place cotton dipped in rose water on your eyelids. This too will help you relax your strained eyes.

• Try and reduce the intake of salt in your daily diet. We all know that too much of anything is harmful for our health. Excessive intake of salt can retain fluid in your body and cause puffiness around the eye.

All of the above tips will ensure that you get rid of dark circles under eye. Therefore, it is recommended that you continue following these remedies.

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