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Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circles By Following Simple And Easy Methods

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Due to indiscriminate effects of pollution and stress, people suffer from a lot of health problems. These health problems and late night work at home and office eventually leads a person into the world of stress and anxiety. One of the most common side effects of such an unhealthy lifestyle is dark eye circles. They not only spoil our appearance, but also affect our confidence.

Reasons Behind The Dark Circles

The most common and obvious reason of under eye dark circles is lack of sleep. When we sleep, all our cells, muscles go through a relaxation mode and a regular distortion in this schedule can make our face look devastatingly pale. When our face becomes pale, the blood vessels under our eyes become more prominent under the skin and they appear to be dark in color.

You can also inherit dark eye circles from your family as there are genes, which can affect and weaken the capillaries around the eyes. If any of your family members has a trait of pale and light skin color, then you are most likely to acquire under eye dark circles.

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It is also an important fact that people who are required to move under the sun for their work are most likely to suffer from dark circles and pigmentation is the reason behind it. Bone structure also plays a major role in developing dark circles under your eyes. Deep eye sockets can develop shadows under the eyes, which might appear like dark circles in the future.

Lack of nutrition, vitamins and minerals can also be the reasons to develop dark eye circles. There are also few drugs, which can dilate the blood vessels under your eyes and this can lead to the darkening of the under eye skin.

Quick And Effective Remedies

There are lots of solutions, which can easily remove the dark circles under our eyes, but these processes take a lot of time. Therefore, people who want quick and easy solution for their dark circles have to take the help of make up to escape from this distress.

The dark eye circles can disappear in few seconds with the help of foundation and eye concealer. There is a great range of foundation colors and by choosing an appropriate color you can easily blend your skin tone with the foundation.

There are some herbal methods, which can be employed to diminish under eye dark circles. Although these processes take time to complete, their results have great and effective longevity. It is more important that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. It is also important to include vitamins and minerals in your diet.


Our eyes are the most important part of our whole body and it is our duty to make them look lively and fresh. Dark eye circles can adversely affect our appearance and confidence. By following some simple and easy tricks, you can get sparkling and beautiful eyes and can get rid of those ugly dark circles.

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