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Artificial Eyelashes To Give That Barbie Girl Looks

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Eyes are the most beautiful part of a human face. The beauty of eyes is enhanced by natural eyelashes. Thick and long eyelashes give a voluminous look for eyes. However, not all of us are blessed with long, thick and fuller natural eyelashes. This is where artificial eyelashes step in.

Artificial eyelashes or false eyelashes are made of small nylon threads, which are used to improve the definition of eyes. They also make the wearer look more glamorous and enhance the beauty and length of natural eyelashes.

How to wear Artificial Eyelashes?

Artificial Eyelashes come in various length, color and sets. False eyelashes can be a complete strip or individual clumps.

  • Choose a pair of false eyelashes that suits your eyes well.
  • Trim the chosen false eyelash to harmonize with your natural eyelash.
  • Cleanse your eyes thoroughly with water and dab them clean with cotton.
  • Apply waterproof eyeliner to the edge of your natural eyelashes. This makes your eyelash merge with the false eyelash.
  • Now apply liquid glue to the edge of the false eyelash. Leave it to dry for 20 seconds.
  • Take the glued false eyelash with tweezers and apply it to the rim of your natural lash carefully.
  • Apply eyeliner to cover the glued area.
  • Now apply mascara to your lash to give more volume. Place a finger behind the lash when applying mascara.
  • You can now apply regular eye makeup for your eyes.

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How to remove Artificial Eyelashes?

False eyelash must be removed with utmost care or else you could lose your natural eyelashes. Baby oil must be applied to the glued area, which will make false eyelash slide down without affecting the natural eyelash. Alternatively, you could also use eye makeup remover, mineral oil or olive oil.

How to clean and store your Artificial Eyelashes?

After removing artificial eyelashes, soak them in warm soapy water to remove all the dust and mascara. The glue sticking on the false lash must be removed with tweezers. A gentle brush can be used to clean the lash. After cleansing thoroughly, pat them dry and store it in its original container. You can use artificial eyelashes cleansing solution instead of soapy water.

Precautions when using Artificial Eyelashes:

  • Keep your artificial eyelashes always clean.
  • Make sure to apply false eyelashes without irritating the eyes. It is safe to get help from others while application.
  • Always ensure that your eyes are free from infection, else application of lashes may aggravate the condition.
  • The glue must be tested for sensitivity prior application.
  • Contact lenses must be removed before removing the false eyelashes.
  • Make sure to keep your mascara and eyeliner clean. Do not use expired products for your eyes.
  • Try not to sleep with your false eyelashes on.
  • Try avoiding hot or humid areas to prevent the glue from becoming tacky.
  • Use your own personal false eyelash rather than borrowing, to avoid infections.

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