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Eye Makeup Tips For A Beautiful And Attractive Face

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Plenty of women often remain confused, as far as eye make-up is concerned. Although, women prefer to look their best, they often do not know how they can really look beautiful. A few eye makeup tips have been mentioned below, so that every woman can look beautiful and appear their best.

In the facial appearance, eye make-up has lots of appeal and you must give special attention to these eye makeup tips. To begin with, you need to apply a very thin layer of foundation or primer on your face, so that you can create proper canvas and correct all the imperfections on your face.

Many times women cannot decide which color to be chosen and hence following the eye makeup tips can help you. Those of you who are redheads must use either peach, copper, cool tones like lavender, pink or reddish brown. If you are blonde then you must apply taupe's cream on your face. Use mochas and chocolates, if you happen to be Brunette. If your hair is grey then you must apply soft purples & blues.

To achieve simple look, you must dust your eyelid with the dust of the same color. Women often use cream eye shadow. However, you can use tones of light to medium color to give the best look. You will also need mascara & eye liner, once the eye shadow is used.

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Another eye makeup tips to make your eyes appear more prominent is to begin with the lightest color first. You must use a medium brush to dust the eyelid area. Now, hold your brush very lightly & start from your lash line to little beyond the crease. You must color to the end in this place.

Now, use a small brush to dust on the crease line in the medium shade. After that you need to extend beyond the crease & go till the brow bone. This will give depth to your eyes and if you go further down the crease a visible contour will be created which make your eyes appear large.

If you want to create more dramatic look, then in the upper lash line, in-between the medium and deep tone, you can make the line smudged and soft by using an eye liner brush or any angled eye shadow. You can increase your dramatic look by brushing more of the color under the lower lash line. You must apply the color by using smudge brush with tiny strokes.

After completing the eye makeup, dust the complete area with larger eye shadow brush. Smooth the color so that it looks uniform. It will give an elegant look. After that, apply mascara & eye liner as required to give right look to your eyes.

With these eye makeup tips, it will surely help you to create a perfect and stunning face, when you make a public appearance. There may be many ideas available on the internet, but these ideas presented are pretty simple and you can do it all by yourself.

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