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Eye Makeup Tips For The Absolute Beginner

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It is well known that your eyes are the first thing people notice when they see you. It is natural that you would want to focus the most on these precious organs of yours. A few eye makeup tips below should help you understand what to do and what not to do.


If you’ve seen movies and cartoons, eye lashes are the most prominent part of the damsel’s beauty. What powers those brilliant eye lashes? The mascara does, of course. All eye makeup tips start with this little piece of cosmetic, because it is the most popular among girls. They make your eyes look bigger and darker. Always remember to give it a curl as you complete a stroke. Also apply it in a single stroke.

The mascara, of course, comes in an assortment of colors. Women choose to use different colors for different dresses, so that they have a consistent theme throughout. You can find kits that have mascaras with a range of colors. You can save a lot by purchasing kits, instead of buying them one by one. It is also easier to carry them this way, wherever you go.

Eye liner

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Eye liners are very common residents of women’s purses. You don’t need any eye makeup tips use these per se. You can use a variety of colors that match your overall attire. If you have an eye for design, you will find that contrasts work well for eyeliners.

Eye shadow

More than any other product, it is important that you buy your eye shadow only from a reputed vendor. You apply the cosmetic to the most sensitive part of your eye, so it is important that you care about them. As with other products, they too come in a wide array of colors and are often bought as part of a whole kit.


One of the most important makeup tips that I can give, especially for beginners, is to only choose high quality products. They may cost a bit more than regular ones, but they last longer. Many low quality eye makeup products, for example may degrade if you are out in the sun. Products from well-known brands are always tested well and are known not to harm your eyes in any way.


While you can do everything in your power to make your eyes look beautiful using eye makeup tips, it is also important that you take care of their health. Use eye cosmetics that are natural, as far as possible. Some products necessarily have to be synthetic and you may not be able to do anything much about them. Over the years, there have been products lines including mascaras, eyebrow enhancers that are good for your eye health.

These eye makeup tips are not exhausted. As mentioned before, they should help you understand the basics. You will know what makes your eyes look the best only after you experiment a bit. There is no set process that will make everybody’s eyes look beautiful. Everybody needs different products to get the best results.

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