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Eye Mascara For That Magical Look

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Eyes are the most expressive and impressive part of a woman’s face and transmits a lot of feelings and emotions. Hence special care should be taken during eye makeup to enliven and brighten your eyes. Make your eyes speak your thoughts with proper and careful makeup. Eye makeup needs a lot of practice and perfection to create a spell bound and a magical look.

Why is mascara used?

Eye mascara is a makeup tool that is used to make the eyelashes look denser, darker and enhance it to give a stunning and appealing look to the eyes. It is usually applied to the eyelashes with the help of a brush or a comb like brush with bristles. Curved wands will enable you to curl the eyelashes naturally. As eye makeup is the integral part of the entire face makeup care should be taken in applying eye makeup, especially mascara to your eyelashes as eyes have the capacity to attract the attention of people. Mascara also colors, lengthens and curls up the eyelashes.

Forms and types available:

Eye mascara is available in liquid, cream or cake form. Generally women go in for the waterproof mascaras to thicken and lengthen their eyelashes. Regular or water soluble mascaras, water proof or water resistant mascaras, colored mascaras, lengthening mascaras, non-clumping mascaras and thickening mascaras are generally the types of mascaras available in the fashion market.

Buying tips:

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Eye mascara should be easy to apply and should redefine your eyelashes making it speak volumes. It should also dry faster and should be reasonably priced. Also check for the quality as it should not be prone to clumping. If it adds length to your eyelashes besides beautifying and electrifying it then it will be an added plus. Finally check if it gives a smooth finish and lasts longer as you have to get the value for money spent.

Application Method:

While applying eye mascara start from the base of your eyelashes and move the brush upwards and then twist it from side to side to apply it evenly. Wiggling it is every essential as it separates the eyelashes and prevents clumps. Apply mascara to the bottom eyelashes also to get a brighter and enhanced look. You can also apply a second coat of mascara but make sure the first coat is thoroughly dry before you apply the second one. The most commonly used mascara color is the brown or black which suits well for morning or evening time.

How to remove mascara:

Remove the mascara using a mild soap face cleanser or use makeup removers as they are designed specially for this and does not cause skin or eye irritation. Generally water proof mascaras can be easily removed by wiping easily with water.


Eye mascara enhances and magnifies the beauty of your eyes as it darkens and creates a mesmerising look to it. Eyes are the most precious and beautiful gift of God and to add to its beauty application of mascara is a must for today’s woman.

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