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Eye Makeup Tips For A Stunning Look

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The first thing that we notice when we meet a person is their eyes. Eyes, in fact reflect your personality as they are the most expressive and sensitive part of your face. All women long for those magical, stunning eyes as it is an essential tool to attract others. The beauty of a woman’s eyes is indeed unique. It is because of this reason poets use aesthetic and evocative language in writing about them. Hence, to enhance the beauty a of the eyes woman opt to the following eye makeup tips.

Eye makeup tips:

All you need is some basic knowledge about application and usage of makeup and a lot of patience, confidence, innovative ideas and good practice. Good eye makeup enhances and highlights your features and contributes to the overall beauty and attractiveness of the face. The following eye makeup tips will be very beneficial for beginners.

First apply foundation or concealer in the eye area, which makes the skin tone and color even and smoother. It will also enable your eye makeup to stay longer. Then proceed with applying eye shadow. Eye shadows came either in powder form or cream based form. The powder form is highly recommended because it gives you more durability. Start by applying the light shade from the eyelid to the brow bone. Then apply the medium color starting form corner of the nose and slowly brushing outwards. Finally add the darker shade to the crease of the eyelid to redefine and provide depth to your eyes.

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The next is to apply eyeliner to your eyes and the color and type of the eyeliner is left absolutely to your choice. The best is to use a well sharpened eye liner pencil very close to the eyelashes. Liquid eyeliners available in the fashion market give an emphasized and prominent look to the eyes.

Now curl your eyelashes before you proceed to applying mascara to it. Mascara helps to darken, lengthen and redefine your eyelashes and enhances the overall look of your eyes. Brush your eyelashes starting from the base of the lashes and quickly moving it up to the tip of the lashes. Repeat this procedure if you want a good coverage and also to eliminate formation of clumps.

Finally you have to pay utmost care and attention to the shape of your eye brows as it contributes to the overall look of the face. Before tweezing and shaping it draw the shape of the eyebrow you require with the help of the eyebrow pencil and then start plucking it. If you are going to use an eyebrow pencil to color your brows see that it matches with your natural hair color. If you adhere to these eye makeup tips you can be assured of beautiful, impressive eyes.


Eyes are in fact unique in their mesmerising effect as they are the most prominent features of the face. Eyes express volumes when they are beautified with makeup. With the above simple and effective eye makeup tips present yourself to the outside world with confidence in your eyes. People will be drawn and attracted towards you by the way you appeal them through your eye makeup.

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