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Some Eye Cosmetics That Help You Increase Beauty Of Your Eyes

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A simple and perfect touch of the makeup has the capacity to make you look more beautiful, than what you regularly look like. It is usually said that, “eyes serve as the mirror image of soul”. Eyes are the first appealing feature of women, which catches everyone’s eye, in just first glance. Eye cosmetics are such beauty products that are used to enhance the beauty of this ‘mirror of the soul’.

The regularly used cosmetics for eyes are eye shadows, eye-liners, eye-kajal, and mascara and these products are considered as the basic make-up items. Such cosmetics may even cause some outer damage to your under-eye skin layer and also for your eye-lashes, if they are not applied properly.


Eyeliners are commonly used to outline the eye-lid and under-eye layers, in order to create an illusion of thick eye-lashes and also perfect eye-shape. These comes in liquefied form or even in solidified form, in bottles and in pencils and are of two types, water-based eyeliners and alcohol-based (water-proof) eyeliners.

Steps to Follow While Applying Eyeliner

  • If you are using eyeliner pencils, then carefully draw a thin and soft line on your upper eyelashes. The reason for drawing soft and thin lines is to make sure that you apply these eye cosmetics, perfectly, without causing any mistakes. Highlight the previously drawn soft lines by carefully applying another coat on it. Follow the same procedure for lower eyelashes also.
  • Liquid eyeliners are bit difficult to use, when compared with the pencils. Just stroke the brush that is attached to the cap, on your upper eyelashes and keep your eyes closed for few minutes, in order to prevent smudging problems. You can follow the same procedure for lower eyelashes also.
  • Always make sure not to forget, to apply eyeliner after applying eye-shadows.

Eye shadows

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Eye shadows are also one among eye cosmetics that are used to give a highlighting effect to your eyes. These usually are available in matt textures, liquefied forms, and stick and also in pressed powdery forms. These are available in variety of colors and you can choose such eye shadows that suits well with your skin tone.

Steps to Apply Eye shadows

  • While applying eye shadows, make sure that you have not applied any other type of eye cosmetics such as mascara or eye liner.
  • Use the available small or thin bristled brush, to apply basic eye shadow, exactly of your skin tone. Always begin from the outside corner of your eye-lid and then end at the inside corner.
  • Now select any light shaded eye shadow and apply a thin coat of that color, on the brow area, to highlight your eyes.
  • The lighter toned eye shadows make your eye look larger and dark toned eye shadow make your eye look smaller. Hence, select the color of eye shadow according to eye-shape.
  • Try to avoid dark colored eye shadows, if you have light skin tone.


Mascara is used to help your eye-lashes to grow in perfect shape. These eye cosmetics are usually available in tubes, with an attached round brush on the lid. These are also available in both water-proof and water-based types and the applying procedure is very easy.

Steps to Apply Mascara

  • Gently press the brush against the walls of the tube.
  • Roll the brush on your eyelashes, from roots of eyelash, in outward direction.

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