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Eye Beauty Makeup For An Eye Catching Appearance

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An appealing personality, the right amount of intelligence, a graceful poise seasoned with politeness integrity and charisma is the definition of beauty. An eye catching physical appearance, which makes any person want to have another glimpse, is the certified beauty. The highlight of a beautiful person is her eyes. To enhance the natural beauty and take it to the next level is the magic of makeup. Eye, Beauty and Makeup go hand in hand to make any person noticeable.

Prerequisites for your eye beauty makeup

It is an implicit desire of every person to look beautiful, but not many know the tricks. The first step into enhancing looks with makeup is to know the importance of having the perfect skin. Regular foundation cream mixed with a drop or two of moisturising lotion gives a glow to your skin. Dusting a little powder on it will give your skin a better texture. After setting your skin right a right shade of blush on your cheek muscles adds to the look. Do not forget to do the same on your neck and ears to make your skin tone even. The most important is your eye beauty makeup.

How to make your eyes look beautiful with eye beauty makeup?

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Eye makeup should be done with perfection and in an order. First is to apply a light shade of eye shadow on your entire eye lid. Stating from your eyebrows down till your eye lashes. Next, select a suitable colour, preferably a dark shade, for only your lower eyelid. Smokey eyes are the latest trend. Mixing of two bold colours can also be done.

After getting the desired look with the eye shadow, the next step is to apply eyeliner. Eye beauty makeup must be done with immense patience and care. It is best to use waterproof makeup. With your eyes closed pull your skin to make your eyelids tight and apply a thin line of eyeliner along the shape of your top eyelid. Make sure your eyes are closed till the eye liner is dry.

Open your eye slowly and check if it’s done right. Next, pull your lowed lid down and apply kajal on the inside. Make sure this doesn’t cause tears in your eyes. After doing this use cleansing mascara to clean your eye lashes. Once this is done apply a considerable amount of mascara on the eye lashes of your top lid and a little on your bottom lid. This completes your eye makeup. Last but not the least, to make your eyes twinkle dip your finger in salt water and put a drop into your eye. Your eyes will look better than ever before!!

You’re now set to jump into your shoes and get out with looks to kill! Carrying self with confidence is most important. You have it all and make the most of it. Appreciate all the attention and thank all the compliments that you get because of the eye beauty makeup. You always wanted to have it all, an attractive persona, elegance, charm and most importantly the physical appearance and of course a guide to achieve it. Didn’t you?

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