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Eye Make Up – For Impressive And Catchy Look

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Eyes are one of the most beautiful attribute of girls and they actually contemplate their personality and real life. You will often find that a woman’s purse or handbag is full of essential makeup products. Eyeliner, mascaras, and eye shadows are the essential eye make up products. Women always want to enhance the beauty of their eyes with perfect makeup products that can make them more beautiful and impressive.

Today, due to the increasing demands of eye make up products, you will find several different brands to select from, which are of best quality. However, the most crucial thing to consider is the application of makeup in an effective and appropriate way. If you do not apply the make-up products properly, even the very costly and best quality products will look disastrous. Therefore, the following are some of the tips to apply eye makeup perfectly.

Eye Shadow

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You should choose the best quality eye shadow with utmost care. After selecting the best eye make up, care must be taken while applying it. For better result, you should start with some basic colors that are dark and apply it on your entire eyelid. After that, use a light shade over the basic shade, just beneath your eyebrows. Choose a shade that will match your wardrobe and if you are going to wear colorful dress then make use of multi-color eye shadow.


Most of the girls make use of mascara as their eye make up in order to enhance the look of their natural eyelashes. Mascara is one of the most effective ways to make the eyelashes look curvy, long, thick, and dark. Applying it is an easy process. However, while applying you need be more cautious and use it in the best possible way. Generally, mascara is available in black color and you need to apply it from the bottom to the top of the eyelashes. For perfection, you need to complete in a single shot and maximum two coats should be used otherwise it will appear too heavy.


Earlier, there were only black colored eyeliners, but today you will find a range of colorful eyeliners to select from. You can choose eyeliner to match with the color of your wardrobe and if you are wearing a multicolored dress, then you should select the black eyeliner instead of colored. Eyeliners are available in several forms such as pencil, liquid, and powder and you can apply it either below or above the eyes. The perfect way to apply eyeliner is to start from inside corner to outside corner in a single stroke. Eyeliners are always used to complete the eye make up, after the mascara and eye shadow. These days, most of the women are using gel-based eyeliners due to their easy applicability and long lasting feature.

There is no doubt that beautiful eyes can do miracles in a woman’s life, but it is also true that you should make yourself presentable. You should make sure that makeup of your eyes matches your dress, jewelry, and footwear.

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