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Bridal Eye Makeup Tips To Look More Attractive

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The most important day for a woman is her wedding day. If you are also getting married soon, then you may have made plans for every single moment and you would definitely wish to look gorgeous on that day. There are several brides, who love to get ready for this auspicious day by themselves. However, they forget that bridal makeup is quite different from the routine ones. Therefore, they should follow some eye makeup tips to look more attractive with their enhanced eye beauty.

In order to have long lasting and clear makeup, you need to apply eye makeup primer or foundation on the entire eyelid that will work as an adhesive for the liner or makeup to stick. With the help of this primer, makeup will remain for quite a longer time. Another most effective eye makeup tips is airbrushing. Under this, you have to put a base with airbrush for flawless makeup.

The bridal makeup is just perfect to look gorgeous in the photographs. As per the photographers, the bridal makeup should be heavy than the usual makeup. However, it does not mean that it has to be overdone. There are mainly three eye makeup tips that need more attention such as brow bone, inner corner, and middle lid. These particular areas usually catch more light, if the eye makeup is done correctly then it will make you look shining, and multi dimensional in the photographs.


This is the main area in which you need be more cautious while applying the makeup. For this, you need to choose a color that is more reflective, but it should not be glittery. You can select cream or good pearl white color, perfect for brown or black eyebrows.

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Middle Lid

As soon as you complete the makeup on eyebrows, you need to put some makeup on the middle lid, which is also among one of the important eye makeup tips. You need to take same highlighting color similar to the one you have already used on brow bone and then apply it in the middle of the eyelid. However, the middle eyelid color will not be completely visible, but its reflective element will grab the light in photographs.

Inner Corner

Now again, you have to use the same highlighting color, apply it inside the inner side of the eye, above the tear epithelial duct. You need to blend it together with bottom eyelash line. This will add some brightness and makes the eyes look fresher than before.

False Lashes

You can make use of the artificial lashes on the outer side of the eyelashes, which will widen and provide more spectacular look. Before applying them you need to curl the natural lashes, which will allow the false and your own eyelashes to blend properly. Ensure that your eyelids are not oily, as you cannot glue them properly on oily eyelids.

If you take into consideration all these eye makeup tips, then this can really make the bride the main point of attraction. These tips are very helpful for making a bride look beautiful and gorgeous.

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