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Eyelashes Curler Gives You Wide And Gorgeous Eyes

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Eyelashes curler is a cosmetic tool which is designed to curl the eyelashes. Eyelash curlers help to make your eyes appear open and wide. Curling means bending the eyelashes upwards. Curling of eyelashes was also used many years ago, with the help of false eyelashes. It was a messy job to stick a false eyelash to your eyelids, compared to using eyelash curlers that takes only a few minutes to curl the lashes.

Types of eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers are made from metal or plastic but according to many users a metal version is more effective. Metal eyelashes curler can be used to curl false eyelashes also. An eyelash curler looks strange, you can handle it like a scissor but the upper part of the curler has a flat surface. The metal surface is padded with rubber, so that the eyelashes are cushioned in the padded section when in use and thus saves them from getting pinched. These rubber pads are replaceable.

Plastic eyelashes curler are gentle on the lashes than a metal curler. Heated eyelash curlers are also used. When heated to a required temperature and then used these give your eyelashes a gorgeous look. Heated eyelash curlers are expensive than the metal and plastic eye curlers.

An eyelash curler - How to Use?

  • Before using eyelash curlers clean your lashes very carefully. It is advisable not to curl the eyelashes after using the mascara because your eyelashes may get attached to the eyelash curler and get rooted out.
  • If you are using heated eyelash curler then set it at a mild temperature. If it is the metal eyelash curler then heat it mildly, under your hairdryer and make sure not to over heat it. It should be just warm; otherwise it will burn your eyelashes.
  • Widely open the eyelashes curler and rest the eyelash on the small pads and close the curler gently, so that it safely clamps at the end points of the eyelashes. Be careful that your eyelids are not trapped in the curler or you will injure your eyelid.

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  • Hold the clamped eyelashes for some seconds and then release them tenderly, so that the curls do not get disturbed. Repeat this process with the curler on the other eye lash and curl again.
  • Now you can apply mascara which will help to set the eyelashes.
  • Now brush the eyelashes from bottom to upward curve, which helps to curl the eyelashes with the wet mascara.
  • Look at your eyelashes in the mirror and just perceive the tremendous difference. You will see a pair of marvelous, gorgeous and bright looking eyes.

Many ladies wish to get eyelashes curled enduringly, to get attractive and youthful looking eyes. This process is called perming. It gives the eyelashes an upward curl. Perming takes about half an hour approximately. Perming lasts for 2 to 3 months because the eyelashes last for 3 months.

Eyelashes curler are quicker and cleaner to use in curling of eyelashes to get a dazzling and doe-eyed look.

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