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Eye Make Up To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Lovely Eyes

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‘Eyes speak’ is an old phrase. During ancient days, women applied black soot to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Cleopatra used to apply eye make up to add more beauty to her face. It is truly said by a poet, ’Eyes, windows to the soul.’

Reasons why you should apply make up to your eyes.

  • To enhance your facial features by focusing more on your eyes
  • To hide the dark circles round your eyes.
  • To boost your self confidence by wearing an eye make up.
  • The first thing that people notice is your stunning eyes, which helps to keep their attention diverted from noticing the other parts of your body.
  • Sometimes due to fatigue your eyes look tired, so in order to hide tiredness, you can apply makeup.
  • Some like to apply heavy makeup on their eyes to give them an outstanding look

There are different types of eye shapes and thus, to highlight them and make them look naturally beautiful, everyone uses an eye make up. When you go to work or are out with your friends, use pencil eyeliner to wear light makeup.

Highlight your eyes using an eyeliner pencil.

  • Apply any compact powder on your eyes.
  • Now stretch your eyelids and draw a line bordering your eye. A thin line will make you look simple and stylish.

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  • If you have to attend a party at night, then you can wear a heavy makeup to make your eyes look attractive.
  • Eyeliner pencils are available in different colors and easy to apply on your eyelids.
  • In order to have an attractive look, apply eye mascara on your eye lashes.

In this way, pencil eyeliner gives a definite shape to your eyes and you can see the difference created by your eye make up. Just make sure that you apply it correctly to get the best illusion of longer and thick eye lashes.

Makeup tips to cover the dark circles of your eyes.

Everyone is facing dark circles issues due to stresses or other nutritional deficiencies. Today’s lifestyle is very tiresome and thus, your eyes may appear tired or dull. In order to brighten up your eyes, you could use makeup and hide those dark circles.

1) Apply ice on your face and clean it with a clean napkin. Let your face dry and then, apply liquid concealer with your hands on your eyes. They are available in different shades. You could always apply the liquid from inside out around the corner of your eye.

2) Using circular motions, you can apply foundation under your eyes and face till it merges well with the concealer shade on the eyes.

3) Apply powder on the foundation of your face, especially under your eyes.

4) Try avoiding use of mascara on your lower lashes or you will not be able to hide your dark circles.

5) Do not use dark color makeup on your eyes and apply light colors to hide your dark circles.

Eye make up is an art and if applied with efficiency, it can hide your defects. You can look pretty with fresh and elegant looking eyes.

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