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Eyelashes Curler Can Give A Spectacular Look To Your Beautiful Eyes

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Eyes are the most attractive and appealing part of the face. Every time we pass by someone, the first thing we notice is their eyes. They have the power to describe your beauty without using any words. They can explain your feelings, emotions and sometimes even the situation that you are going through.

Many of us complain that our eyes are not wider and attractive enough. We also try to find ways to make them more beautiful and attractive by using eye liner, mascara, eye shadow and etc. Have you ever thought what adds on to the beauty of our eyes? It’s the eye lashes! The long & curly eye lashes give an absolute perfect look to our eyes.

Eyelashes curler will help you in getting that dashing look! Many women are not aware about this tool. It is suggested to know this piece of equipment better, so that we can make best use of it. These curlers are mainly available either in plastic or metal.

Plastic eyelashes curler –

If you are business women and you are always on your toes running around. Then, this is a perfect one for you. Plastic eyelashes curler are known to be the best for on the go users, as this gadget is very convenient enough to use and to carry and it also consists of replaceable pads to protect your sensitive skin. They are available at very less price compared to the other curlers.

Metallic eyelashes curler –

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Durability of a metal is longer and they are heat resistant. These two factors along with the replaceable pads to guard the mild skin make the metallic eyelashes curler more popular. You can use hair dryer to heat it a bit to get those curls on your eye lashes for longer duration.

New technology has introduced battery heated device to curl your lashes. They don’t need blow dryer or any other heating material. They produce heat using the battery and the heat generated is appropriate to use on the eye lashes. So they are always ready to use. This is an added advantage for the younger generation who don’t have much time to spend on the heating part.

How to use an eyelashes curler –

Below mentioned are few simple steps to use the eyelashes curler and make your eyes look brighter and sexy.

  • Clean your eye lashes and make sure there is no mascara on your lashes.
  • If it’s common metal curling device, then heat it for 3-4 seconds with the blow dryer.
  • To begin with, slightly look down or keep forty-five degree angle. This will be more helpful position for twisting. Use a mirror if necessary.
  • Next step is to open up the curler and clamp the lashes root as near as possible. Keep it for up to thirty seconds and then move smoothly the appliance from the eyelash root in the direction of the tip.
  • For the final touch, grasp the lashes halfway and repeat the procedure once again towards the end.

Getting a lavishing look on your eyes is easier with these less expensive eyelashes curlers.

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