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Eye Mascara Brings Out The Magic In Your Eyes

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They say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", it really doesn’t harm us to go all out and do the best we can to accentuate those wonderful features that God has bestowed us with. Any plain face can be transformed instantly with some simple make-up tricks and highlighting those beautiful eyes only adds to the effect.

Eye make-up plays a key role in transforming any face from a plain one to one with great beauty.

Eye mascara is an extremely important ingredient in any make up routine. It is generally the final step in the application of the eye-make up. Mascara is a cosmetic used to enhance one’s eyes and keep them looking radiant all day long.

Most people look at the application of mascara as a very scary prospect. However, the key to it, like most of the things in life is Patience and Practice. While there is no specific way to apply the eye mascara, each type of application enhances your eyes in different ways.

Types of eye mascara:

This product is generally available in different forms, most common being the cake, liquid or the cream form. They are also available in different colors and suitable for people of all races and a wide variety of skin tones.

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Although available in various types, these elusive mascara contain similar basic components namely pigment, oil, wax and preservatives. Care should be taken to analyze the contents and scan them for any personal allergy before purchasing the product.

Do's and Don’ts for application of "eye mascara”:

  • The first step in applying eye mascara or any other form of make-up is to ensure that you have chosen the one that best compliments your skin color. A gaudy shade, no matter how expensive and nice will not look good on you if it doesn’t go with your skin tone. Hence start off by choosing the appropriate shade for you.
  • Keep in mind the attire you are wearing, the time of the day, the event and most importantly the occasion. For example, a fun, bright blue can be a good idea for an evening out with friends or to a party, but a more somber black would suit best if it’s a formal occasion.
  • Next consider, investing in a "water-proof eye mascara” if your work involves heading outdoors frequently.
  • Application of the mascara is mainly done to enhance ones lashes, ensure that your lashes are clean before you put them on.
  • When it comes to literally applying the liquid, start off at the root of your lashes and slowly move it upward in repeated strokes. Ensure that you keep your eyes closed for a couple of seconds, so that the sticky liquid doesn’t mush up remaining of the eye makeup.
  • Finally, once the application is done, keep a tissue handy to remove the extra bits on your lashes and achieve a clean, neat look all through.

Don’t be afraid to try on the eye mascara! It can be your eyes best friend!

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