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Eye Makeup Tips To Enhance Your Radiant Eyes

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Millions of women all over the globe are petrified by the idea of putting on eye –make up and if you are anything like me...You are one of these million women! Well... fret not! We are going to make your job a lot easier...Read on for helpful eye makeup tips for perfect looking eyes!

To start off, decide on what kind of eye-make up you want to apply. This decision is made considering numerous factors. The eye-make up you choose must be decided based on these primary factors. Namely your age and complexion, the occasion you want to dress-up for, your outfit for the day, and most importantly the theme for your overall make up.

Sounds confusing? Let me explain... A wise person once said… “The secret to wearing makeup is to make it to look like you are not wearing any”... When we say that the eye-make should be age-appropriate, consider the angles, the complexion and the structure of your face and enhance your natural beauty.

Avoid gaudy make up that further enhances the wrinkles under your eyes, or something that would make dark-circles more prominent. Instead opt for something more subtle and conceal any imperfections. While following eye makeup tips, one should also ensure that they choose a color that suits their skin-tone and goes well with their overall complexion.

All of this should be done, keeping in mind the occasion you are dressing up for. For example, choose a classic “smoky eyes” type of make –up for an evening out, or for a party with friends. And consider a more subtle peach-like make up for your regular day events. Ok, now that you have figured out what you want, let’s go about achieving that very same look with some easy eye makeup tips!

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Step 1: You can start of your make up routine by using a concealer or a thin layer of foundation to hide any problem areas and give you a more even skin tone.

Step 2: Next step under eye makeup tips is the application of eye-shadow, choose a color that is appropriate of the occasion, grab that wide brush, dust it into your dream color palate and decorate those beautiful eyes with it. This forms the base of your make up.

Step 3: Choose a liquid eye-liner and apply it carefully at the lining of your upper eye-lids. Once this is dried –up, pick up a mascara tube and further enhance and add volume to those long lashes.

[If you think, you aren’t blessed with long ones naturally; there are false/fake ones available in the market that can be easily glued on to your eyes to prim your make –up]

Step 4: Once the upper part of the eye is taken care of, dress up the lower part with some dark kajal/kohl and complete the look with a shimmery or subtle color at the base and the circumference of your eye.

step 5: the final step would be make sure that all the shades used are nicely blended , to achieve this, dust the brush with some loose powder and apply it on and around your eyes.

Hope the eye makeup tips mentioned above helped make your routine a lot less scary and a lot more fun!

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