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Beautify Yourself With Eye Beauty Products

In a hurry to find a good eye beauty products?
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Eyes are the most essential features of a person’s face, especially a woman’s. For ages eyes have been the cynosure of attention and appreciation in a woman. Poets have written ballads for them, lovers have pined for a glimpse of these beautiful orbs. Needless to say, it is one of the most nurtured parts of a woman’s face.

Eyes also are a perfect mirror to reflect the personality of an individual. Based on the makeup of the eyes one can understand the mental state and mood of the person.

Cleopatra the famous empress of Egypt was known for her elaborate eye makeup which was an indicator of her voluptuous nature. But while in those days the ingredients for eye beauty products was an exclusive right of the royalty and aristocrats, being very expensive, times have drastically changed now. There are assorted number of eye cosmetics to suit each and every one’s pocket and taste.

The common eye beauty products are concealer, kohl, eye shadow, eye liners, curlers, mascaras etc.

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Essential eye beauty products

Concealer - As the name suggests, this product is essential if one has conspicuous under-eye dark circles, for it conceals them. One must use a concealer which is closest to one’s skin tone otherwise the concealer may stand out on the skin complexion. To get a seamless blend one must start from the inner region of the eyes and then proceed gradually along the exterior in small circles.

Kohl - It is an ancient eye beauty product. It is usually applied on the lower side of the eyes, to enhance the shape. One can be very dramatic with kohl by going for Cleopatra-style makeup that includes stretching the kohl to give the eyes a bigger and shapelier appearance or be conventional, without over-doing the highlighting.

Eye liner - It is one of the very essential eye beauty products to define the shape of the eyes properly. It is usually applied on the eye lids. One must choose the color according to one’s choice. While the traditional black and brown eye liners are the most popular, the unconventional colors like blue and green are slowly gaining popularity, as women are more experimental and open to explore their feisty nature.

Eye shadow - Eye shadows are available in different colors in the market now-a-days. It is used to beautify the eye lids by applying seamless shades of a color. Depending on the color of the eyes one must choose a particular shade. For example deep set eyes should use pale, shimmery eye shadow while for wide-set eyes one must use dark shades like brown, magenta, purple etc

Mascara - It is used to give a dramatic effect to the eye lashes by making them curlier and longer. Long and curvier eye lashes immediately make the eyes immensely attractive and beautiful. However there are some people for who mascaras don’t suit. For them there are alternatives available in the market. They could go for of artificial, easily-removable eye lashes that are available in all shapes and sizes.

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