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Eye Mascara - A Complete Eye Make Up

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Mascara is a commonly used cosmetic to enhance the beauty of eyes. It helps in darkening, thickening and defining eyelashes. Eye mascara is easily available in liquid, cream or cake form. It is formulated by using various components, like pigments, waxes, oils as well as preservatives. As this mascara can smear when we sweat or cry, special cleansers can be used to correct it.

Choosing Mascara Colors:

The neon color and old plain black color are liked by many women and professionals to enhance the eye beauty. As the skin is sensitive around the eyes, choosing correct mascara is very important; therefore you can go for non-toxic eye mascara. Keeping in mind the skin type and its color is very important while choosing mascara. If your skin is fair, champagne pink color is suitable and you can choose the golden color mascara if your skin color is dark.

Also, choosing organic or natural make up for eye is essential to keep them clean and infection free.

Simple Steps for Applying Eye Mascara:

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Proper guidance is required prior to application of mascara as heavy mascara can result in wide looking eyes. Therefore, following simple tips of applying mascara can help in making your eyes more beautiful and natural.

Keeping the brushes used for eye makeup regularly cleaned can avoid build up of bacterial, as it grows faster in makeup brushes and can harm your delicate eyes. Choose a good branded mascara as it is safe for your eyes. Replace your mascara every 3 to 6 months as its texture is waxy and can develop lumps if kept for a longer time. In order to avoid the lumps, soak the mascara tube in warm water while you are still applying your eye shadow and foundation. It is the best way to get a smooth application of mascara without making the eye makeup artificial or heavy.

Choose mascara according to the type of your eyelashes. It is better to know the thickening or volume level of the mascara if your eyelashes are thin. If you have short eyelashes, buy mascara which can help lengthen your lashes. Color of the mascara should be little darker than the color of your hair to get the natural look. It is your choice whether to get water proof mascara or not.

Always apply the mascara from the eyelashes base to their tips and apply the second coat only when the first coat has completely dried.

Ingredients to Be Avoided While Buying Mascara:

The ingredients which can cause harm to your beautiful eyes are normally found in eye mascara available in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to know the names of the ingredients to avoid while buying the mascara. Some of the harmful ingredients are, Parabens or propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben or ehtylparaben, butylated hydroxyanisole, magnesium silicate in the form of talc which are basically used in eye shadows, polymethylsiloxane and a color additive, kohl.

Hence, getting knowledge about the mascara and its ingredients is very important to avoid any harm to your eyes and buy good branded mascara.

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