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Eye Makeup Tips And Techniques To Give A Lavishing Look To Your Eyes

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Eyes are the most beautiful facet of human that actually reflects one’s personality. Every individual has a different size and shape of eye, the only thing that matters is how to make them look beautiful. The most important thing to be considered while using an eye makeup tips is that the makeup should be applied in an appropriate manner which suits your complex and personality.

Nowadays there are many quality products available in the market that helps in giving a new look to your eyes. The products used for eye makeup are eye shadow with different shades, eye liner or eye pencil with matching colors, mascara, sparkler and many others. These products not only colors up your eyes but also enhances the beauty of your eyes that is in other words bring out an impressive beauty of women.

Eye Makeup Tips For A Natural Looking Eyes

  • Use eye shadow that reflects your mood and situation that is depending on the environment.
  • Apply the lightest eye shade on your complete eyelid. This gives a glowing look to your eyes.
  • Apply a medium shade on your lower eyelid.
  • Apply darker shade towards your external eyelid. This basically creates a depth and makes your eyes extravagating.
  • Apply eyeliner with short stroke that is in the starting form. Long strokes of eyeliner can make your eye look unnatural.
  • While applying eyeliner, make sure you start from centre of your eye moving towards the corner. This way of applying can avoid smudging.
  • Use mascara at the end of your eye makeup. This gives a final touch to your eye makeup.
  • If your lipstick shade is heavy then do light eye makeup and vice-versa. This gives a neutral look to your face.
  • Always use a good quality makeup on your eyes. Unbranded or expired product tends to spoil your eyes in long run.

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Formal Techniques Of Eye Makeup

The techniques for a natural shapes and shades for your eyes are as follows:

  • Use neutral shades such as beige for natural look and if you are dressing for a party then use brighter shades with single or double tone. This technique helps in highlighting your eyes.
  • Apply a thin layer of neutral shade eye shadow for single tone eye makeup. Now with the help of round brush or shadow sponge, sweep the eye shadow starting from the base of eyelid towards the brow bone. This helps in providing a glowing look.
  • Choose an eyelid sparkler that is soft and creamy and apply a drop on your eyelid. Now sweep with little pressed powder to make it little dark that provides a sexy glaze to your eyes. If you want to highlight your eyes a little more, then a touch of gloomy gold lipstick is an idle thing to give a complete look.

Conclusion: No matter how your eyes currently look. By using different eye makeup tips you can make the appearance of your eyes bigger, wider and more extravagating.

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