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Few Simple Acne Skin Care Treatments

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Every person has different kind of skin and therefore the treatments given to different people may not always produce the same result. Sometimes friends suggest various home tips, which may or may not work well to treat the acne. Skin is very sensitive part of the body and one must be extra careful with the facial skin. Following are few simple treatments recommended for treating acne

Oil is much thicker in density as compared to the water and this water which is also chemically known as H2O is a wonderful remedy as far as acne skin care is concerned. Use any soap or toner along with water in the morning, noon & evening. By following this regime you can maintain your facial skin vey well. Never try to nip the pimples or any skin blemishes as it usually aggravates the situation and develops a permanent scar.

If you have acne on your face, then try to shave carefully. You must select your shaver appropriately. The one, you are using for pretty long time will be the ideal one as you will be more comfortable to use them. Don’t use super sharp blades to shave your beard. Use the shaving soap or cream so that you can get good finish after shaving. You must trim your beard lightly and only when compulsory for better acne skin care.

If you enjoy taking a sunbath by the beach, then it is recommended that you avoid doing it without using proper sun-block or sunscreen lotion. You could avoid sunbathing often, as it can slow down the effects of any acne skin care treatment.

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The ultra-violet rays of sun can damage your skin and make them dry too. It can also speed up your aging and the skin blemishes will also become more visible. In the extreme case it may lead to skin cancer too.

You have to be careful with various cosmetics that you use, which may not be very complementary with acne skin care. Therefore, you must be careful with your glow on, eye shadow and moisturizer and other greasy paint that you use for makeup. Some of the products used for hairstyling also must be totally avoided. You may however select only those hair style items, which specifically mention that they are not harmful to skin blemishes.

One of the well known beauty secret of Africa is a kind of butter obtained from Karite nut tree. It can also be obtained from Mangifolia tree. This butter can also be useful acne skin care item. In Africa both men and women use this butter to treat acne on their face.

You can also consider various SPA treatments. Sauna bath is considered to have good effect on your acne. Try to eat fresh fruits in large quantities. Consuming fruits and vegetables has proven to be good for skin. You must eat plenty of salads made of green vegetables.

Most of these remedies can vary from person to person. So, one has to try different methods to see which one really clicks for them.

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