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Anti Ageing Skin Care Strategies For A Beautiful Looking Skin

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When Exactly Our Skin Starts Aging

In your early 20’s, your skin starts losing water content and the oxygen level drops down by 25%. Gradually, your skin will loose the glow and will look dull, which is the very first signs of ageing. As you move on to your 30’s, the signs of ageing become more visible. During this period, our skin produces less of collagen, which results in forming wrinkles on your face. They keep growing deeper and form dry lines. They are hard to get rid of, if not treated on time.

It is recommended to start anti ageing skin care in your early thirties. Since the ageing process will be in the initial stages at this time, the treatment will be more effective. This helps to maintain the glow of your skin by slowing down or even reversing the ageing symptoms.

Reasons That Influence Aging Signs In Humans

There are two reasons of ageing. One is internal factor and the other is external factor.

Internal Factors: This is caused due to the loss of moisture in your skin. Gradually, your skin slows down the process of producing new skin cells.

External Factors: This is caused based on the individual habits & the environment that they live in. Below are a few of the factors that you need to take care of:

  • Exposure to the sunrays and cold seasons: Too much of heat or cold can make your skin cells dry and dead.
  • Poor diet: Your food habits play an important role in keeping your skin healthy. Eating too much of oil and junk food will result into pimples and many other skin allergies.
  • Excess stress: If the stress level increases, it will definitely show on your delicate skin. Gradually, it will start killing your existing skin cells and slow down the formation of new ones.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not good for health, as it makes your skin dry, which gives rise to facial wrinkles.
  • Lack of exercises: Exercises play an important role, as they help in toning up your muscles and enhance the flow of blood in all your body parts. Regular workouts increase the energy level and give you a much younger look.
  • Lack of sleep: Due to lack of sleep, you may have dark circles around your eyes and sagging skin.

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Tips to give your skin younger & glowing look

Cleanse: Cleansing your skin is everyday is a must, especially if you’ve applied make-up. If you don’t remove your make-up carefully, then it takes away the natural oil present on the skin. This will make your skin dry, and also kill your facial skin cells.

By using the good quality anti ageing skin care ingredients, you can protect your skin from growing older. This will increase the moisture and give a smooth texture and glowing look to your skin.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Your skin will become dry, leading to deep wrinkle, if the dead skin cells are not taken care of. If you follow the exfoliating process twice or thrice a week, then you can easily keep your skin hydrated.

Tone: Toning your skin once in a month can keep your skin healthy and younger looking. Toning helps in removing excess oil from the skin. With the regular use of toner, you’ll notice much cleaner skin with all pores closed.

Too much of toning is also not advisable, as it may make you look older, especially if you have a dry skin type. It removes the little oil present on your skin. Excess loss of oil from the skin will kill the cells, making your skin further dry with deep lines.

Moisturize: Applying of anti ageing skin care moisturizers regularly, will protect your skin from becoming dry. It gives a smooth texture to your skin. Moisturizing your skin twice a day prevents skin dryness, makes it look tender & smooth.

Solution for getting rid of anti ageing skin care problems

Each individual skin type differs from others, depending on individual’s requirements, home remedies & different products, which are available in the market, can be used.

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