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Eye Makeup Products - Means To Beautify Your Eyes

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Eyes - The Window to Our Soul

Eyes are the most enchanting organ and it’s the first to catch attention on any confrontation. Especially for women, eyes disclose beauty and charm. Beautiful eyes have always been her means of adornment. It is often said, the eyes indicate the antiquity of soul. Taking intense care of the eyes and enhancing its beauty is absolutely necessary.

Earlier women had fewer options of eye makeup. The Eye Makeup Products were limited to mascara and powdered colours. Options have now increased. Glittery dust, cream based shadows, eyebrow pencils and powders are some that are widely used these days.

Some Basic Tips for Eye Makeup

Use of Eye makeup products can sometimes be annoying for ladies. With proper guidance its usage would be easier. The eyelid shades selected should normally go with the colour of the hair. Either darker tint or lighter ones should match the hair colour. For example, brunettes should go for brown or light golden shades and red haired women should opt for pink or lilac.

Mascara should be applied with a one attempt from the end root of the eyelash to the end.

To apply eyeliner, stretch the end of the eye tenderly and drawn a line inside-out on the upper eyelash.

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Common Eye Makeup Products

There are several Eye Makeup Products available in the market. Listed here are the frequently used.

Eyebrow Pencil: These are used to apply on the eyebrows to give them proper shape and to correct any irregularities in the eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils constituents of colour that are safe and can be used without any harm of microorganism growth. These products are also free from any skin irritants and allergens.

Eye Makeup Remover: This one of the important Eye makeup Products is used to remove eye makeup. Using of soap to remove eye makeup is ineffective and can cause eyes and skin irritation. This product is a specially made to remove makeup of the eyes. It does not cause any irritation and can be used with a cotton ball or tissue paper.

Eyeliners: These are used to highlight the appearance of the eyes. It can either be used to emphasise the eyes lids or give a look to the eyes that is better than the actual. Eyeliner makes the eyes look larger than usual. Or give the look of that almond shape to the eyes.

Mascara: Mascara is applied to the eyelashes using a brush. They give a thick enhancing look to the eyelashes. They can also be used for lightening or darkening the colour of the eyelashes.

Eye Shade: Eye shade is considered as one of the most important of Eye Makeup Products. It is applied over the eyelid with a colour of your choice to augment the beauty of your eyes. The shade is applied on the region stretching from the eyelids to the eyebrows. As the application of colours is close to the eyes, care must be taken in choosing the right product. Any sub-grade or unreliable product would cause damage to the eyes. Check for the shelf-life of the shades before using it.

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