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Eye Beauty Tips For Women

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Every woman wants to get attention and get appraisal for her looks. Eyes play very essential role when we talk about a woman’s look. Audrey Hepburn once nicely quoted “The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” Hence, eye beauty tips are very essential for ladies to beautify their eyes .

Maintaining Eyebrows

Eyebrows come first when we talk about eye beauty tips for embellishing eyes. Styling the eyebrows according to one’s face-shape can furnish eyes a more gripping look . Stray eyebrow hairs should always be tweezed off. To perfect the look, an eyebrow pencil can work wonders.

Hypnotizing Lashes

An enthralling look can be given to the eyes by ornamenting the eye lashes. The volume and even the length of lashes can be increased by following proper eye beauty tips and using mascara. Lashes can also be curled as well as colored to give an illusion of wider and thicker lashes. For the ladies who have too short lashes, false lashes can be used which give a gorgeous look to eyes.

Using Eyeliner

Best eye beauty tips should be utilized to give a sparkling definition to the eyes. Accurate eyeliner color should be chosen that goes well with the color of the eyes. Different kinds of liquid eyeliners, cake eyeliners or pencil eyeliners can be used according to the comfort level of the user. The shape of the eyes can appear to be different by using a liner.

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Proper Selection Of Eye shadow

Proper application of eye shadow is essential for makeup to get the desired effects. Eyes can look mysterious or expressive by using correct shadow colors .A smoky or a natural look can be given to the eyes by using shadow in the right way and applying it with a precise eye makeup brush . Applying two-three shadow colors together may give your eyes a dazzling look.


Kajal or popularly called soot is an inseparable requirement when it comes to eye beauty tips. To give a fuller look to the eyes, it is applied on the inner rim of the lower eyelid. It can also be applied on the upper eyelid, depending on the need. It gives definition to the eyes and makes them look complete.

Bring Contact Lenses into Play

For most of the ladies, spectacles tend to give an ugly look. So, lenses are the best alternative to spectacles. One should always try to make eyes attractive by using different colored lenses.

Conceal Dark Circles

Correct eye makeup can help one cover up ugly dark circles. Dark circles can be easily and effectively camouflaged by using concealer. Use mascara in the lower lashes attentively as the drops of mascara that fall from the lashes may make the dark circles more prominent. The concealer should be of a color that blends with the skin effortlessly.

Hence, ideal eye beauty tips can help one get a better appearance and make one feel confident with striking eyes!

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