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Beautify Your Eyes -Let The Eye Cosmetics Play

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Eyes have always been a striking part of a woman’s body. It is the eyes that help one to make the first impression effective on anyone. Well, today there are a variety of eye cosmetics available in the market to embellish your eyes .One can enhance natural eyes or can give an artificial look to the eyes by the use of correct cosmetics in a proper manner.

The nuts and bolts for any make up applications on eyes include eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras, false eyelashes and concealers.


Eyeliners are one of the basic eye cosmetics that women use to ornament their eyes. Eyeliners are available in the market in different colors to suit the type of make up applied. There are different kinds of eyeliners, viz. liquid, cream and pencil eyeliners.

One should be careful while using liquid eyeliners as they are pretty messy. One must try to use alcohol based liners which are waterproof unlike water based liners. Cream eyeliners are cream based and useful to create smooth and well defined lines. Pencil eyeliners are easy to use and can be applied effortlessly.


One can give intensity and dimension to eyes by using eye shadows as one of the eye cosmetics .One can use natural colors of eye shadows to give a nude appearance to eyes or even apply dark shades to give a dusky appearance. Eye shadows are cream based, loose powdered and pressed powdered typed. The most widely used is the pressed powdered typed as it is easy to use and less messy than cream based eye shadow.

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Eye shadows must be used in accordance with the apparel worn .If applied in the proper limits and balanced amount, eye shadow can be a great tool to make your eyes look startling.


Mascaras have always been used to boost the color of eyelashes, making them appear fuller. Lengthening mascaras can help to increase the length of lashes in an artificial way. Volume of eye lashes can be increased by using thickening mascaras. One can curl the eyelashes by using curling mascaras.

Nowadays water proof mascaras are being used by ladies to avoid smudging. One should know the right approach to apply the mascara to give a defined look to the eyes and make them good-looking.

False Eyelashes

One of the interesting eye cosmetics includes false eyelashes. Using false eyelashes one can give a fuller and bigger look to the eyes, making them more appealing. One should always blend false eyelashes with the natural eyelashes to give an attractive appearance to the eyes, making them look complete.


One can put dark circles and blemishes out of the sight by using under eye concealers in the correct manner. Once the concealer is blended with the skin tone, one gets the desired effects. The color of the concealer should always be one shade lighter than the normal skin color of the user to cover up the dark circles.

Thus, right touch of correct eye makeup can do wonders and make one look smashingly stunning.Use your set of eye cosmetics to enhance your eye beauty and grab the attention!

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