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Before Going For Dark Eye Circle Treatment, Here Is What You Need To Know

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Dark circles reflect our health condition. Before choosing a particular dark eye circle treatment, it is very essential to know how these dark circles form. We always think that they formed because of tiredness, lack of proper sleep, heavy work load and not taking proper care of makeup.

In fact, we can’t get rid of dark circles with a long sleep or by going on a long vacation. It has something else to do with our health condition. The mechanism of formation of dark circles is same for all. After formation, it gets aggravated and looks more obvious for several other reasons which vary from person to person.

The Mechanism of Dark Circles Formation

The thin skin around our eyes is made up of so many capillaries which are very narrow and help circulation of blood. The blood circulation is nothing but movement of blood cells. Now, since the capillaries are so tiny, blood cells do not get easy access through them. They have to contract in size to pass through these narrow vessels.

In such conditions, sometimes, these capillaries break and cause leaking. With this the blood cells come open and get interacted with other enzymes of the body. Enzymes separate hemoglobin from those blood cells. Once the hemoglobin is separated, the blood cell is left with unwanted elements which are dark blue in color.

Usually our body repairs such vessels immediately. In some cases, as explained below, our body fails to repair them. Then the mechanism takes place continuously resulting in filling up our skin bags with the dark blue colored elements and cause dark circles formation.

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After formation of dark circles, there are other factors which exaggerate the formation and make them look more obvious. However, in all the cases, the best and basic dark eye circle treatment is consumption of lot of water. By consuming plenty of water you can throw away several unwanted elements present in body.

Age Factor

Our body follows a particular process for refreshing itself. Our bodies continuously generate new particles and use them to replace damaged or dead particles. As we grow in age, body loses this generation power. Hence, there is no replacement of dead particles; rather they keep piling up.

Similarly dark eye circle formation mechanism is also not taken care of by our body. As the skin of eye bags is very thin, the piling up becomes more clearly visible. In such cases, besides suitable medication, we can also use home remedies like cucumber for dark eye circle treatment.

Genetic Factors

For some people, skin under the eyes becomes thinner as they become old. However, for some people this is transmitted genetically and the skin remains thin irrespective of age. A thin skin is more transparent and causes the dark circles look more obvious. For such people effective dark eye circle treatment is available in cosmetology.

While the above mentioned are the main causes of dark circles, some factors support them and cause this darkening. The most important supporting factor is allergy. It can cause from pollution, fungal attack, exposure to dust etc… lack of iron is another important factor. For most of these causes, dark eye circle treatment can be found within home remedies. For some sever cases there are thousands of advanced technologies to treat dark circles.

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