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Eye Makeup Tips For An Enchanting Look

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Eyes are the most expressive and impressive part of a woman’s face and hence selection of the right kind of makeup is absolutely necessary. Eyes are considered as the windows of our mind as it expresses our emotions and thoughts. Hence, due importance should be given to the eye makeup applied. Application of eye makeup entails practice and creativity to attain perfection and the desired result. Following the simple eye makeup tips can help you a lot in achieving a classy sophisticated eye makeup effect.

Eye makeup tips:

Before you proceed with the application of eye makeup you have to first wash your face thoroughly, apply moisturiser and then a good branded base to work with, a concealer and powder.

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Eye shadows come in different colors and in different forms like powder, cream and liquid. Select the right eye shadow color that compliments and enhances your eye color. Cream based eye shadows give an enhanced and highlighted effect especially for evening occasions. Mineral makeup eye shadow is also available in the market today and it tends to give a defined and accentuated look to your eyes. Remember the eye shadow applied should emphasize and spot light your eyes, but too dark eye shadow can make your eyes look smaller. If you are resorting to powder eye shadow make it a point to apply it with the help of a proper brush to get the desired effect and look.

If you desire to get that dimensional look then you can blend and mix two contrasting colors of eye shadow too. A wide range of beautiful and irresistible colors of eye shadow powders are available to choose from. Select and apply the right color of eye shadow that goes with your outfit.

Next apply eyeliner in dark brown or black shade to the upper lash line preferably as close to the lashes as possible. Start applying from the inside of the eye and proceed towards the outside in just a single stroke. To give a pronounced and dramatic look you can also apply eye liner to the inner rim of the lower eyelid. Eyeliners also come in powder, liquid and pencil form to choose from.

Then proceed with curling your eyelashes with mascara to make it look dark, long and thick. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand up towards the tip. Apply just two coats of mascara and with the help of a brush separate the lashes to avoid clumping. Applying mascara is not a difficult job, but care should be taken to closely follow the eye makeup tips to achieve a perfect looking and mesmerising effect.


It is very important that eye makeup should be applied in a proper and systematic way to make your eyes impressive. Even the best branded and most costly cosmetics could create a devastating look if not applied with care and patience. Practice eye makeup tips with perseverance and then master the art of applying makeup by unleashing your own creativity

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