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Eye Cosmetics For The Perfect Eye Beauty

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Eyes are said to be the most enticing features of a woman. These are the best assets that reflect the beholder’s feelings and emotions. Thus, no wonder most women today would like to enhance the allure of their eyes through careful eye care and artistic application of various eye cosmetics.

The most common type of cosmetics, which are always in the top of any lady’s make-up list are the mascara, eyeliner and eye shadows. However, many are sadly unaware about the eye cosmetics that are most suitable in maximizing the beauty of their eyes. Here are some additional details regarding the common eye products you’ve been using for ages.

Eye Makeup #1: Eye shadow

Eye shadows are ideal in giving a sophisticated touch to the eyes. When applying eye shadow, you have to consider your skin color, the shape of your eyes as well as the shade of the outfit, which you’re going to wear. Additionally, the specific period of the day to show off the eye shades must also be considered, since there are eye shadows that are perfect at daytime, but will look awful at night and vice versa. These eye cosmetics could be in tones of bright or neutral, deep or pale.

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You can blend these shades, but be sure that the resulting shade is not very strong. Today’s eye shadows are available in different forms, either in pencils, pressed powders, gels, sticks or creams. Among these variations, pressed powders are widely used. The creams are used to enhance the dry lids, while the gels are ideal for the greasy skin. The pencils and sticks are perfect for filling certain specific areas around the eyes.

Eye Makeup #2: Eye liner

The eye liners are nowadays emerging to be the most popular must-have eye cosmetics. They effectively highlight the eyes and give the illusion of luscious eye lashes. Eye liners, which are usually in the shades of black or brown, must be carefully applied to create a smooth and neat line on the top eyelashes as well as below the lower eye lashes.

Today’s eye liners are available in either pencil or liquid form. Pencil eye liners are usually preferred over the liquid one, since the latter gets easily messed up when smudged by tears.

Eye Makeup #3: Mascara

Mascara thickens and emphasizes the eye lashes to add a dramatic look to the overall eye appearance. Unlike the eye liner, the mascara will smoothly brush the eyes lashes while adding the shade. It is available in various forms such as waterproof, water-based, or the mixed varieties. The waterproof type is excellent for a long lasting effect, which doesn’t smudge when accidentally touched or come off with tears, water, or sweat.

Water-based mascaras are suitable for easy application and removal, especially for those with delicate facial skin. Unlike the waterproofs, they can however be easily worn off after a few hours and thus need constant application. Many prefer the mixed variety mascara eye cosmetics, which combine the advantages of the first two forms.

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