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Eye Mascara - The Secret To Beautiful Eye Lashes

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Women always have an inner desire to look beautiful and this is the reason why cosmetics have come into existence. Cosmetics are used not only to hide spots, but they are also used to enhance the facial features and eye mascara is one of the eye makeup products.

Eye mascara is one such beauty item that is found in every woman’s make up kit. It is applied on the eye lashes, which gives them an elongated appearance.

The first image that comes to ones mind when they think about mascara is a small bottle, which when opened has a long brush attached to its cap. This in fact is the modern form of mascara.

Mascara basically comes in three forms that is liquid, cream and cake form.

The cake form was the very first type of mascara. One can apply this kind of mascara with the help of a brush. However, it cannot be applied with a dry brush. You need to wet the brush first, while using this kind of mascara.

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The cream one is also applied with a brush, but here the cream is wet already, so one can directly apply the mascara on the lashes.

The liquid form of mascara is the most preferred one, because of its easy application. The brush is made in such way that one can easily reach every eyelash.

There are two types of eye mascara readily available in the market, one is non-waterproof and the second is waterproof. As the name suggests waterproof mascara is one, which is resistant to water. It does not smudge when it comes in contact with water. The non-waterproof one can get washed off easily. The advantage of non-waterproof mascara is that it can be easily removed with the help of water. On the other hand, the waterproof mascara can be removed only with the help of a makeup remover. However, the benefit of waterproof mascara is that it lasts for a longer time than the non-waterproof mascara.

Eye mascara does not require a million ingredients. It is in fact made up of only three essential ingredients that is wax, preservatives and pigmentation.

Wax like beeswax or paraffin wax helps keep the lashes separated and also keeps the color stuck onto the lashes. The pigmentations are the basic contents that give color to the mascara. Carbon black is a pigment used to give black color while iron oxide is the pigment added to give brown color. Hence depending upon the color different pigments can be added.

The addition of water depends up on the manufacturing process. If anhydrous process is used then there is no need of water, but if the emulsion method is employed, where thickeners are used to make the mascara, then these thickeners have to be mixed with water before combining all the other ingredients. There is also the usage of vitamins, whose sole purpose is to condition the lashes.

Eye mascara is available in any cosmetic stores. There are also many online stores, which sell this product.

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