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A Simple Guide To Know Your Eyelashes Curler Better

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We all dream of having big and splashy eyelashes and when we do have them, we wish for them to be more attractive. The eyelashes curlers are used by makeup artists for providing the finishing touch to the makeup. It is very important for you to know about the significance of your eyelashes curler, which can add volume and bend to your eye’s appearance.

History And The Basics

Early in the 1930’s, a company in Canada started to manufacture eyelash curlers and soon the company got hold in the United States and then in Great Britain. Nowadays, you can find two types of eyelashes curlers. The first one is the manual hand operated machine, where you will be required to heat it with a dryer before applying on the upper eyelashes.

The second category included battery operated eyelashes curler, where heating is unnecessary as the equipment can heat itself and you can curl both your upper and lower eyelashes with its help. These eyelash curlers are costlier than the manually operated machines and are much more fast and easy to use.

The Reason behind Using Them

Every girl in this world desires to acquire beautiful and big eyelashes and only a few are lucky to have such natural fortune. For most of the people, an eyelash curler is like a magic wand, which can transform their dull eyes to an attractive pair of eyes.

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The notion of using eyelashes curler only by a makeup artist is not completely correct, as many people nowadays are buying these equipments for home use. If you visit any online shopping website, you can easily find these in the beauty section. These are available in various designs and styles and you can also check their prices on such sites.

The Procedure For Manual Handling

First, you will need to remove every trace of makeup from your eyelashes with a help of a cotton ball and cleanser and the cleaning need to be done in a slow and steady manner. It is very important to clean the eyelashes before curling, as makeup disrupts the process of eyelashes bending.

Secondly, you will be required to heat your eyelashes curler with a hair dryer. It is best to heat the hand operated eyelash curler for a period of five seconds. Most of the salons would advise to heat it for 2 or 3 seconds as too much heat can burn your eyelashes.

Next, you will need to take the aid of a mirror for curling your lashes. You will be required to position your eyelash curler just below and above your lashes, such that the eyelashes come in the central section of the equipment.

If you find your eyelashes to be in correct position, then you can close the clam of the machine and wait for approximately five seconds. Then, you can free the clamp of your eyelashes curler and can repeat the process with the other eye. At last you can apply dark mascara on your eyelashes for an attractive volume effect.

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